Twin State Regional Fire School

May 4 -5, 2024

Blue Mountain Union School
Newbury, Vermont

2024 Classes

Two Day and One Day Classes

Two Day Courses cost $200
unless noted 
One Day Courses cost $100
unless noted

Space is limited- register early.  
Pre-registration Deadline is April 5, 2024

Meals:  Lunch is included in admission price
coffee & light snacks will be available daily

Certificates:  Each person attending a course full time will receive a certificate of attendance.  


An Introduction to the Fire Service
Green Mountain Catamount Fire Training

This course will give new firefighters an introduction to basic skills on how to do firefighting safely. Topics covered: Orientation & History of the fire Service, Fire Department Organization & Chain of Command, Safety & Protective Equipment, Fire Service Terminology, Chemistry of Fire & Fire Behavior, Classes of Fires & Fire Extinguishers, Orientation to Fire Apparatus, Hose & Appliances, Ground Ladders, Hand Tools, and Ropes & Knots. Firefighters should be physically able to carry out the physical rigors of firefighting.
Pre-requisites:  None
Equpment needs:  PPE SCBA  

TWO DAY COURSE - May 4 & 5

Personal protective Equipment & Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
NH Fire Training

After completion of this module, students will be able to describe the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is used by firefighters, explain the importance of PPE, describe how PPE is property maintained, identify the hazards of smoke and other toxic environments, and explain why respiratory protection is an essential need of fire service personnel. Students will be able to describe the different types of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), identify its limitations, explain the procedures for maintenance, inspections, refilling, and donning. Students will practice the skills of donning, doffng, performing inspections and maintenance, and operating in a SCBA. This course includes both classroom and practical skill activities. After the program, the students will participate in SCBA confidence building drills. This course does not completely satisfy the requirements of NFPA 1001 for Firefighter I job performance requirements. 

Pre requisites: None Student Must be Facial Hair Compliant
Equipment needs: PPE, SCBA , 1 Spare Cylinder

ONE DAY COURSE - Sunday, May 5

Street Smart Fire Command
Chief Allan Clark, Sugar Hill, NH

This course focuses on the practical aspects of managing typical Fire Department incidents found in northern New England. This not a FEMA, ICS, or NIMS course, but the principles utilized are in conformance with ICS and NIMS. The course creates a system to effectively manage the scene of various incidents ranging in complexity from a dumpster fire, motor vehicle accident, ice rescue, house fire', to a multi—agency hazardous material incident. Emphasis Is placed on incidents typical to rural settings based on practicality and not, theory. Topics to be discussed will include fire ground management, communications, and accountability, missing firefighter procedure, other fires to rapid illustrate intervention and demonstrate teams and the rehabilitation. system. Students The course will have is fast the paced opportunity and will to cover manage these several topics incidents utilizing and local will as be well better as prepared to manage an incident utilizing practical skills.

Pre-requisite: Chief Officers or FF with 5 years of experience
Equipment needs: none
Cost:  $100

Requirements for PPE and SCBA

PPE:  Check course description for the note PPE which means that full protective clothing must be worn in that course.  This includes bunker coat, pants, hood, helmet, boots and gloves.  
SCBA:  If marked next to course description means positive pressure SCBA and 1 spare cylinder 
PASS:  Pass device requires
Bottles need to have an up-to-date Hydrotest. 
SCBA needs to be NFPA compliant and in good working order.  

These are a requirement.
All SCBA users must meet the NH & VT SCBA Mask fit policy