Twin State Regional Fire School

May 4 - 5, 2024

One Day Classes

Saturday, May 4 Classes:  

Active Shooter 

Active shooter response biased on the A.L.I.C.E model taught by Chief Cashin of the Franconia Police Department. This training will introduce the A.L.I.C.E model of response to help provide options if the unthinkable ever happens to you. This class contains activities and scenarios as well as auditory stimulation. We will also discuss the Fire Fighters perspective on these mass casualty types of calls and what our rolls may be. This class is about increasing survivability, by providing knowledge and empowerment so people can react with effective options to help better their chance of coming through one of these horrific incidents. 

Instructor: Franconia Police Chief Cashin, Certified ALICE Instructor
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: None 
Maximum class size: 50  
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Arson Investigation 

This course will give first responders insight on what to look for when on the fire ground and how to preserve the scene for the investigation. Often what you see upon scene arrival is valuable information for the investigation. A broad scope of fire causes will be discussed, and the presentation will be interactive. Four Basic Steps of Fire Investigation, State Statute pertaining to fire investigation and Evidence Spoliation issues will be presented in this classroom course.

Instructors: Det. Sgt. Christopher Blais-VSP, Shawn Goodell, VT Div. Fire Safety, Fire & Explosion Investigation Units.
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: None 
Maximum class size: 27 
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Fire Ground Survival 

We will review aspects of the prerequisite IAFF Fire Ground Survival Awareness Online Course, before diving into the hands-on portion, which will include survival skills and Firefighter CPR.  It is necessary that you provide a certificate of completion of the online IAFF Fire Ground Survival Class.

Instructor: Lt. Jeff Clattenburg, LT/Paramedic Lebanon, NH Fire Department
Prerequisite: IAFF Fire Ground Survival Online Class
Equipment: PPE & SCBA 
Maximum class size:  15
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Intro to Propane Emergencies

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Emergencies is  aimed at emergency responders, who may respond to handle Liquefied Petroleum Gas emergencies. The students will learn what Liquefied Petroleum Gas is and tactics in handling it. There will be hands on training in handling and controlling live flammable gas releases.

Instructor: Dave Patneaude, Dead River Propane
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: PPE and SCBA 
Maximum class size: 22
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Role of the Junior Company Fire Officer 

This class developed with the assistance of former FDNY Fire Officers is designed for newly appointed and existing first due company officers, such as lieutenants and captains. A morning didactic session is followed by an afternoon of scenario based objectives.

Instructor: Mark Munroe, President O4C3 Consulting Services, LLC.
Prerequisite: 3 years of experience or existing Lieutenant or Captain
Equipment: None 
Maximum class size: 35  
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Safeguarding our Heroes-Managing Stress

The presenter is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in helping First Responders. She has obtained an array of experience from working among first responder departments and is a wife of a first responder and has 9 first responders within their blended family. She has consulted with, trained, served, and presented to over 22 first responder departments and has been published in Firehouse Magazine. She facilitates practical coping strategies, grounding, exploration/processing, and self-regulation to assist her clients in their personal and professional settings. The presentation will focus on prevention, intervention and postvention skills and will:

• Define compassion fatigue and burnout symptoms.
• Identify cumulative stress and PTSD symptoms of first responders
. • Recognize the impacts of trauma and secondary trauma exposure.
• Increase overall off duty processing skills, stress management, and coping skills.
• Discuss professional and personal spill-over effect, across settings (work and home).
• Highlight interpersonal skill building when relating to others (communication and conflict resolution skills).
• Identify leadership styles, communication skills and conflict resolution skills
. • Recognize own defense mechanisms & triggers of self.
• Compare therapeutic interventions and support services available to first responders
. • Acknowledge the need for self-care and balanced lifestyles for first responders. 

Instructor:  Lona Snell,  licensed professional counselor. 
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: None 
Maximum class size: 50 
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Firefighter I - 
Tools & Equipment 

Firefighting is a labor-intensive work that requires a range of tools and equipment. In this class, students will learn to identify, properly use and maintain cutting, striking, prying and push-pull hand tools. Students will learn how to safely handle, operate and maintain a variety of power tools such as rotary, chain and reciprocating saws. Students will learn how to properly operate and field calibrate atmospheric monitors.  Successful completion will result in the skill portion of the Firefighter 1 criteria being placed on your permanent record at the NH Fire Academy. This class has prerequisites to obtain credit. The Certificate FFI Program Details must be reviewed - 
Firefighter 1 Certificate Program Details

Instructor: Certified NH State Fire Instructors
Prerequisite: Students must complete the online module at
NH Fire Academy Medical Release Form
Equipment: PPE
Maximum Class Size: 18

Sunday, May 5 Classes  

Firefighter I:
Ropes, Knots and Portable Fire Extinguisers (2 FF1 Modules)

In the morning, students will learn how to tie and deploy a handful of common knots used for various fireground tasks. Additionally, students will learn the different types of ropes, their appropriate uses based on their construction, and proper rope maintenance. In the afternoon, students will learn the different classifications, operation, effective use, and appropriate selection of extinguishers based on the fire's fuel properties. Students will successfully deploy a portable extinguisher. Successful completion of both sessions will result in the skill portion of the Firefighter 1 criteria being placed on your permanent record at the NH Fire Academy. This class has prerequisites to obtain credit. The Certificate FFI Program Details must be reviewed.
Firefighter 1 Certificate Program Details

Instructors: Certified NH State Fire Instructors
Prerequisite: Completion of On-Line Modules found at and
Equipment: PPE
Maximum class size:  18  

Aerial Ladders  

This class will give students a basic understanding of aerial apparatus functions and operations. Students will gain knowledge of truck placement, company/individual tasks and responsibilities, as well as apparatus limits and capabilities. Students will have the opportunity for hands-on aerial operations while working from the aerial and will review the basics of ventilation, search and ground operations. This class is tailored towards members of departments with and without ladder trucks. It will give both the knowledge and understanding to use an aerial in their respective departments.

Instructor: Josh Henson Nashua Fire Department
Prerequisites: None
Equipment: PPE
Maximum class size: 22 
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Street Smart Fire Command 

The course will focus on the practical aspects of managing typical Fire Department incidents. This is not a FEMA ICS or NIMS course, but the principles utilized are in conformance with ICS and NIMS. The course will create a system to effectively manage the scene of various incidents ranging in complexity from a dumpster fire to a multi-alarm fire to a multi-agency hazardous material incident. Topics to be discussed will include fireground management, communications, accountability, missing firefighter procedure, rapid intervention teams, and rehabilitation. The course is fast paced and will cover these topics utilizing local fires to illustrate and demonstrate the system. Due to the interactive nature of the course, the number of students is limited to 24. The course is intended for officers or firefighters with at least 5 years experience. 

Instructor: Chief Allan Clark, Sugar Hill, NH
Prerequisite: Chief Officers or FF with 5 years of experience
Equipment: none
Maximum class size: 24
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